Scrubbing Bubbles 5-Pk Toilet Cleaner Drop Ins, Case/6

$ 49.99

Product Description

When you've got the right product for the situation at hand, even the most overwhelming tasks become, well, a lot less overwhelming. Cleaning becomes simple, rewarding and more manageable. Suddenly everything's under control. Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Continuous Clean Drop-Ins help keep your toilet bowl stain-free. Simply drop a tablet of the toilet bowl cleaner into the back of your toilet tank. With every flush, it cleans and deodorizes your toilet bowl and repels tough hard water and lime-scale stains. It's a quick, hassle-free way to keep your toilet cleaner than ever.

  • Helps keep your toilet bowl cleaner than ever
  • Cleans and deodorizes with every flush
  • Bowl water not harmful to children or pets
  • Won't harm plumbing or septic systems