Glade Wax Melts Apple Cinnamon, 8 ct

$ 7.14

Brand: Glade

Product Description

New A Clean, Sophisticated Solution at an Incredible Value 8 Wax Melts per Pack. Provides Over 80 Hours of Fragrance The new Glade Wax Melt is a pressed melt that offers a clean, sophisticated solution at an incredible value. Glade Wax Melts come in an 8-ct. pack with 3.1 oz of wax. Each melt produces fragrance over 10 hours so each 8-ct. pack provides over 80 hours of fragrance! Glade Wax Melts can be used in competitive warmers. 8 - 0.39 oz Wax Melts, Net Wt 3.1 oz, New Johnson 

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