Glade Plugins Car Air Freshener Refill Floral Perfection, 0.11 Oz One Pack

$ 8.99

Brand: Glade

Product Description

Color:Floral Perfection |  Size:0.11 Fluid Ounce

Glade PlugIns Car air freshener refill, Floral Perfection, 0.11 fluid ounces

  • Adjustable fragrance to customize your drive - four fragrance settings
  • Variety of fragrances infused with essential oils to enjoy the drive
  • Plugs into the car 12V outlet & turns on when the car is on
  • A colored glow light will let you know the unit is working
  • Refill lasts up to 60 days based on 4 hours of driving per day on low setting and ambient temperatures