Glade Glade Automatic Spray Holder with Hawaiian Breeze Refills

$ 21.74

Brand: Glade

Product Description

Scent Name: Hawaiian Breeze

Customize your home air Freshening experience with Glade Automatic Spray. This portable, battery-operated air freshener dispenser allows you to add fragrance from any of your favorite Glade Automatic Spray refills, including Hawaiian breeze, anywhere in your home, and its design complements the decor of any room. Adjust automatic fragrance bursts with three different time settings or press the boost button for a fresh burst at any time, and use the easy-open latch to change out refills.

  • Glade Air freshener with notes of lush fruits and flowers burn on the horizon
  • New, completely re-designed battery-operated air freshener dispenser provides up to 60 days of automatic freshness
  • 10% more control for more confidence in your fragrance (compared to AirWick Freshmatic)
  • Air freshener for home for use in any room from the living room to the bathroom
  • Make-believe. We have a fragrance for that