Clorox Handi Wipes Heavy Duty Reusable Cloths 3 Pieces - 4 Pack

$ 11.49

Brand: Clorox

Product Description

Clean tough messes on a variety of surfaces with Heavy Duty Reusable Handi Wipes from Clorox. With their high absorbency, these cloths can match cleaning challenges both inside and outside your home. Since they can be rinsed and reused multiple times, Handi Wipes create less waste.

Use these extra-strong wipes inside and outside your home to wipe clean, dust, scrub and polish your cars, tools, shoes, furniture, computers, and electronics. They’re durable and machine washable, so you buy fewer and use less of the environment's resources, making them a very economical.

Get even your toughest jobs clean to shine with superabsorbent, multipurpose Handi Wipes Heavy Duty.

Ships 4 packs of 3 cloths each per order.