Tips To Keep Your House Clean

You work hard to clean your home. However, especially if you have kids or pets, you may find that your efforts at keeping it that way are in vain. Follow these tips to help you and your family keep your house spotless longer, and when it needs to be cleaned, come to for all of your favorite home cleaning products, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Sweep Garage Steps and Outside Entryways

It seems ridiculous at first to sweep your outside areas. However, when you consider that almost all of the dirt in your home is tracked in from the outside, this tip will help you keep the dust, dirt, and grime where it belongs — outside.

Add Doormats to Entrances

Your garage entrance, front entrance, and back entrance are all ways that dirt gets tracked into your home. By adding doormats to each of these locations, most of the dirt gets trapped before you even step foot into your house. Because doormats trap this dirt, however, it is essential that you shake them out or vacuum them at least twice a month.

Shoe Deposit Area

By having an area dedicated to putting shoes when you first walk in your home, your family and your guests will be more inclined to leave their shoes and their outside dirt at the door.

Invest in an Umbrella Stand

Water drops will make your floors look perpetually dirty in the rainy months. By having an umbrella stand and wiping your pets’ paws off, you can avoid having to mop your floors twice a day.

Use Your Kitchen Fan

By using your kitchen fan, you can eliminate as much smoke and grease as possible, thus keeping your kitchen cleaner longer and preventing smoke damage.

Stay Clutter-Free

Even a clean home can look dirty if clutter is left everywhere. Get organized using a system that works for you and your family, and make sure you use it. Cleaning up your clutter will make your house feel cleaner, more open, and more manageable.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

Keeping on top of your cleaning schedule will make the job go quicker. By buying your home cleaning products online and in bulk, you will never have to put off cleaning because you forgot that you were out of Windex, so browse our selection today!